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Ssilversea shuttle ‘n taxis services Pty(Ltd) was found in 2014 in South Africa and employs skilled & knowledgeable drivers who can exceeds the expectations in transporting you in time to your destination. Its primary business being to provide reliable, timely, safely service to all our valuable customers in respect of the road safety polices.

What drives us

Our vision is to build long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients thus allowing us to make a mark in our chosen sector of transport.
Ssilversea shuttle ‘n taxis services Pty(Ltd) has established itself as a worthy transport services operating company in South Africa.
• We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services at a reasonable prices
• We strive to create a healthy professional working environment for our employees, which encourages team work and innovation.
Ssilversea shuttle ‘n taxis services Pty(Ltd) maximizes value for the customers through streamlined transportation. Your partnership with Ssilversea shuddle ‘n taxis services Pty(Ltd) can ensure your company receives the required services at the right time, anywhere in South Africa and neighbouring countries respectively. The safety of our clients is our concern. We value the diversity of our clients.

Customer Relations

The team at Ssilversea shuttle ‘n taxis services Pty(Ltd) has developed and maintained collaborative relationship with all our customers. By enabling our customers to rely on us as an extension of their own business, after all we learn from our customers, we focus on working together with our customers cohesively, constantly improving our skills and abilities, so that we can provide the best possible service delivery and meeting our customer expectations without compromising our quality service delivery. In our business tenacity, courage, endurance, satisfying the needs of our customers and relevant feedback system will be constantly required together with a respectful attitude towards our customers.

Our key success factors are as follows

• Provide quality transport services and render superior and efficient service
• Team work that creates energetic, self-motivated and well-trained staff.
• Retain drivers through job satisfaction and competitive incentive by measuring their daily performance.
• Create lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our customers

Ssilversea shuddle ‘n taxis services Pty(Ltd) focuses on success in our mission, which is to service our customers. By sticking with the “basic” in our industry we avoid problems related to quality that many other companies experience.

Our Cars

Select from a wide range of our luxury cars available for executive shuttles,private tours or Private Cabs ready to safely deliver you to your desired destinations


Should you wish to evaluate our capabilities, please contact us and we will assist you with arranging the necessary appointment or telephonic contacts with our customers, whichever is deemed more convenient to yourself and our customers.

Telephone: +2711 024 9444
Contact number: +2783 514 8877
Fax: 0862067471