Cleaning services

About SsilverSea Cleaning Services

We, at Ssilversea Cleaning Services will enhance and preserve the appearance and ambience of your company or home. We will supply you with customised schedules for your entire cleaning requirements. Quality and control is key to customer satisfaction which Ssilversea happily renders. Depending on your requirements a tailored cleaning solution will be supplied listing in detail machinery, chemicals, cleaning schedule, staffing requirements together with a service level agreement.

The Organization was found by two Directors namely: Mr Mokhesa Mathete and Mr Richard Mamashele on the 27 May 2014. As the youth we believe we will be able to add fresh, youthful ideas to the service we offer and to continuously improve our services which will give us an advantage due to new machinery, technology, enthusiasm and an aptitude for learning new working skills. After reaching our targeted goals after many years in the corporate world, we decided to embark on a new venture to fulfil our dream and potential as Entrepreneurs to provide much needed jobs in our country. We employed youth to reduce poverty and crime in our community. Cleaning is our passion which is why Ssilversea is willing to offer the services in-time without compromising our quality services and the cleaning standards.