Bulding the nation - one brick at a time

What we are

We refer to the Ssilversea Construction as an emerging developed company based in one of the previously disadvantaged and underdeveloped areas of Gauteng Province. The company was founded by two directors with the main objectives of service delivery and thus opening opportunities for disadvantaged people in our community. The company is committed to the black economic empowerment by providing various services that will benefit woman, youth and other marginalized group in terms of exposure. It is against this company background that we felt confident that efficiency will be inevitable in whatever project or process we get engaged into. As patriots of this country, we wish and have wished to see the community that has almost its entire people served to satisfaction and the company that is well competent in the services it provides. Ssilversea Trading is the entirely made up to previously disadvantaged individuals. It (Ssilversea Trading’s) is therefore striving for an efficient and effective service delivery that will leave our country boasting about.

Our Core Values

The vision of this company is to help realize the government’s objectives of providing any construction projects aimed at the upliftment of the living standard of the various communities both in Gauteng province and throughout the country. And to position us among the top10 Black-owned Information Technology Company in South Africa by any measure by the year 2020.
Our mission is to provide the best services at a speedy but acceptable rate with a view to make a difference in the lives of our people, as well as to ensure that our clients are guaranteed the satisfaction at the end of each project.
Our approach to the business relies on the belief and caring for our clients’ needs creates an atmosphere of ongoing trust. This philosophy is instilled in our staff. The following basic principles are adhered to:
• Our clients are the life-blood of our company and that’s the reason we are in the business.
• Integrity and honesty is foremost
• Well-managed, reliable and financially sound services will be made available to.
• We are continuously flexible to the needs of our clients.
• We offer Professionalism to our clients at all the time.



The company entered in the market in 2014, with two directors as previously mentioned. The ssilversea trading is registered in terms of Close Corporation Act. The grouth of the company is dependent on the projects and sustained relationship with the clients.


Our objectives in realizing the above mentioned vision and mission are:

• Determining the construction needs in conjunction with the community and the government structures including tribal leaders in the affected areas of the province.
• Identifying the areas for the proposed projects and the drafting of projects proposals
• Interacting with the transitional local authority or the respective municipalities and the government departments for projects approval.
• Preparing and signing the contract with board.
• Implementing the projects in the basis of agreed parameters:
• Planning
• Survey
• Engineering services
• Pavements
• House construction
• Conveyance
• Cleaning services
• Transportation
• Travelling
• Implementing the projects in the basis of agreed parameters:

• Assisting beneficiaries fill application for the processing by the board
• Handing over the projects to the TLC’s or the municipalities and the beneficiaries